Falling Dams and Fire Bans, Time to Check your Rainwater Tank

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Time to Check your Rainwater Tank…
The Bureau of Meteorology forecast is for a warmer and drier summer across Australia, Queensland and northern NSW are in drought, total fire bans are out already and, importantly the full water storage’s of 2011/12 are dwindling.
After the millennium drought, one in four households own a rainwater harvesting system. This local supply of high quality water provides relief from water restrictions, saves water and helps the environment. Research shows that maintenance of rainwater systems improves water quality and the amount of rainwater harvested.Here are five things you can do to make sure your rainwater harvesting system is running smoothly coming into the warmer months.
  1.  Check your roof and rainwater collection systems. Have you cleaned and checked the gutters, down pipes, first flush diverters and leaf filters between the roof and your tank? This is important to collect rainwater and to minimise organic material in your tank. Organic material may block your pump and automatic switching device and cause water discoloration and odour.
  2. Check your pump and switching device. Is your pump switching on and working properly? If the automatic switching device is blocked you may be receiving town water even if there is water in your tank.
  3. Check your roof material. Is there lead flashing on your roof? Lead is poisonous and needs to be painted or removed to protect water quality, even if you are not drinking the rainwater.
  4. Check the tank is sealed from sunlight and mosquito entry. Sunlight entry into tanks will allow algae growth, causing water discoloration and odour. Check your tank is light sealed and mosquito and animal proof by ensuring inlets and overflow outlets are covered by mosquito proof mesh.
  5. Connect rainwater to more appliances. The water savings from toilets and washing machines are often greater than from garden irrigation because they are used all year round. Once you have invested in a rainwater harvesting system why not get the most out of it?

You will find a rainwater tank in 26% of households in Australia, two million people mostly in rural areas drink out of them every day and rain harvesting is an estimated wholesale $400 million dollar annual industry.
Source: www.rainwaterharvesting.org.au

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